Fruytier Lawyers in Business

Fruytier Lawyers in Business

Fruytier Lawyers in Business helps entrepreneurs to be successful.
The attorneys of Fruytier are talented legal experts with an excellent education. They understand that you are not a big fan of complicated rules and legalese that is characteristic for the legal profession. Our attorneys always try to apply the law to your advantage. With a sound legal background they are not afraid to improvise and have the guts to do things differently. When they see the solution of a legal problem, they create the way to that solution themselves. Experience has shown that there is always a way; in and out of the courtroom. Clients value that entrepreneurial, creative attitude. The office mainly assists business clients, mostly SME companies.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business knows the world of the entrepreneur and knows what legal issues you face. Our experienced attorneys listen to you; as entrepreneur and as human. They hear the problem, see the solution, and act fast.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business is a law firm in Amsterdam that has been thinking in terms of solutions (and not conflicts) for forty years. Our attorneys are specialized in those legal areas that you encounter most frequently as an entrepreneur. The office works with specialized Partners in Business for advice on subjects that our attorneys are not experts in.

Latest news

Vincent van Oosteren 14 April 2017

Annual accounts have to be filed earlier

The deadline to produce annual accounts is reduced by one month. This article set outs the exact filing requirements and consequences if the annual accounts ...

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Vincent van Oosteren 10 April 2017

One-tier board or two-tier board?

Under Dutch law a limited liability company (B.V.) can opt for the ‘one-tier’ board, which is an alternative model to the two-tier board. In the ...

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Popular news

Fruytier Lawyers in Business 27 May 2014

When is notice of termination of a distribution agreement allowed

If a distribution agreement does not contain any arrangements regarding its term or termination, it may still be terminated. However, on the grounds of reasonableness ...

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Vincent van Oosteren 03 April 2017

Overview of directors’ liability in the Netherlands

Are you a director who is facing a critical decision for the future of your company? Are you wondering how this decision could affect you ...

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